Delicode is functioning as a design studio and as a general contractor at the same time.
As an architectural studio we deal with living space from its design study up to its complete realization. This is the only way to guarantee that the design will be carried out to the last detail the architect and the investor envisioned. After submitting the design proposal we provide an estimate for delivery and time table. We supervise the construction – coordinate particular subcontracts, solve details of constructions necessary for the completion of the interior (be aware that it is not possible to predict answers to all surprises that may arise), check invoices and the use of your finances. We collaborate with trusted sub contractors who realize the projects with us (from the construction to manufacturing the furniture).
The reason is obvious – a full control of the realization of the project and meeting of the deadlines. The success of the project deopends on the perseverance and consistency of the architect as well as the whole team

As we spend quite a lot of time with our client, we want the time to be beneficial for both parties. We do the main amount of work, but the client is supposed to have hands on and contribute to the project. Only an intensive dialogue leads to a thorough understanding of the clients‘ needs and meeting them in the design, and possibly in the final realization. We are not afraid of pulling down partitions and walls, we often surprise our client by proposing to start from scratch. We need at least two months to work out the new proposal thoroughly and another five months to prepare the budget before we let the construction firm to start, to prepare the design drawings for the custom made furniture and the actual construction itself. A complete reconstruction of an apartment requires about 10 months and a complete reconstruction of a house takes about 18 months.

We realize that the hardest task is to transform the vision which we forged during our collaboration into reality in the best way as regards the quality and accuracy. Our years of experience have thaught us that the only possible way to achieve that is to cooperate with our trusted contractors who understand the demands of our architects and are capable of meeting them. Even an architect is a craftsman in a way and the best advertisment is a perfection of detail.

We specialize in individual living. The scale is of no importance, every new task and investor is a challenge that involves an individuale approach. The process is longer than it could initially seem: from the conception of the layout through the design of the interior or the house to its realization. The cooperation should ideally begin at the selection of the f uture space dedicated to the construction or the reconsruction. We are able to identify at the outset what problems can arise during the construction. We can estimate the additional cost due to the technical problems, which could be illegible to you, point out the possible problems with the local offices and give advice concerning the necessary administrative steps.

The price of our services depends on your requirements, type of realization, the location… It can be estimated only after our meeting when you specify your ideas. Our studio employs four architects, two projects managers, one structural engineer, one budget specialist and an indispensable member of the whole team – an office manager. This is the team which is able to achieve realization and quality that has addressed you. If you are looking for the cheapest architects at the market, we will be happy to recommend someone to you. If you are looking for a professional team, which cares for your happiness day and night, you are at the right address.