Everything went quickly. The investor, a professional sportsman living in Berlin at that time
desired to find such a space in the center of Prague, which he could convert into an original weekend apartment. We knew about such a place. It was decrepit, the layout of the place was unusable for living, but it offered beautiful views of the Old Town monuments. The genius loci was felt at every meter. Very soon we started with reconstruction. Having a client open to unconventional solutions and a very atypical layout of the apartment called for a unique approach to be adopted.

Everything that we could salvage was restored. All the rest was molded into a modern shape, with the respect to the ever present history. The vacant spaces were furnished with simple furniture in the minimalistic tones of black & white. This approach is well characterized by a tree-layered pattern of the wooden floor as well as by the black kitchen with the granite work surface, concealed at the first glance. The strict monochrome appearance of the kitchen corner is protruding into the otherwise snow-white wall with the sliding panels. The design of the door with the decorative cassettes reflecting on the original architecture was repeated on other atypical elements such as the upholstered headboard or on the sliding door with stained glass panes. One of the few elements visually belonging to the present is a custom made sofa and armchairs looking comfortable at the first sight, inviting to more than just weekend idleness.

Some design realizations tend to be very demanding and require a sensitive approach. Nevertheless, the tasks that seem to be difficult and challenging often open the door to original solutions and discovering their charm is the very reason why we like them so much.