penthouse without compromise

This is a story of realization that developed in the heads of the investors several years. They noticed their dreamy penthouse being offered about three years ago. When they started browsing through real estate market again later, they were surprised to find out that the very penthouse they had admired before was still available. The attic apartment, offered originally as shell and core, had been transformed into a more desired state, partly due to the pressure of potential buyers. Nevertheless, compromises do not often work, especially in the area of luxurious living. The proposed disposition was not successful and the apartment remained unsold.

Our clients were not discouraged by the narrow dark corridor with entrances to rooms and a bad layout of the living space in this almost 200 square meters large apartment but believed that it could meet their expectations of airy luxurious living. Their intuition proved to be correct as we proposed a new disposition that fully exploits the potential of the space and is tailored to our clients’ needs. There was nothing to be done but to use a hammer again and do what we had to.

That was not, by far, the end. Our clients had quite a clear idea as to what impression the apartment should give and what standard to achieve. They wanted it to be simple, practical but at the same time luxurious, wished to be surrounded by quality timeless materials. Still, they did not want the space, in which they want to bring up children one day, to look sterile.

It was up to us to materialize their dreams of big bathrooms made of raw stones, spacious closets, kitchen with high-tech appliances, a fireplace, wine closet, bar and modern electrical installation to control everything you can think of, including sound system in the whole penthouse, and avoid, at the same time, the impression of a showroom. Required atmosphere was achieved by combining light oak veneer with white polished surfaces, cream colored wooden floor, marble bianco and decent furniture of our design, tailored to the clients’ needs. This nonviolent symbiosis adds the penthouse a touch of luxury without resulting in an impersonal style.

Together with investors we created friendly timeless living, which does not attract too much attention. Ambiance where peace and happy family are of prime importance.