To begin an article saying that we have completely pulled down an unsuitable disposition, should not surprise anyone. Perhaps it could lead to impression that we are doing so just out of habit. In fact, in this case, we took it a step further: not only there was no brick left untouched but even the original staircase was moved.
The experienced investors definitively did not belong among the clients who would not know what they want; on the contrary, the image of their new interior layout took shape as soon as the first coffee was finished. The realization of their ideas relating to a timeless, luxurious, though practical living became a challenge for us.
Let’s examine it a little bit closer. The kitchen became the core of the apartment, after its relocation from the periphery to the center where it naturally separates the public part from the private part of the interior. Over the bracketed work area levitating above the floor and the cooking isle whose outer surface is made of granite hovers like an UFO a soffit ceiling. The ceiling runs from four sides towards a built in fume hood and casts a perfect diffused light onto the work area.
The representation of luxury could be the used natural stones and their unusual combination. At a closer look at the interior you can already find three of them. The granite in the kitchen has already been mentioned, but the real drama takes place in the private bathroom. To put against each other the striped granite and fragile looking crystalline limestone seems like an uneven match but both materials complement one another beautifully. It is impossible to capture with lens the atmosphere created by the light exposed limestone in the spacious shower cabinet. However the beauty that could be captured was that of the custom made limestone wash basins hanging from the mirror wall.
A novel approach was employed this time to the creation of the built-in furniture. Thanks to the abundance of the closet space and a decent size of the apartment, we could afford to be generous with our design. That is why we did not entirely fill in the available niches with closets but left a distance away from the floor, walls and the ceiling. We should also mention tens of meters of rolled sheet metal used to cover the window sills, a concealed space for air conditioning and last but not the least the landing, which is a part of made to order sofa.
We have already mentioned the request for practicality, which did not have to be secondary due to the big family, but was to go hand in hand with a quality design. Let’s give an example of the concrete surface that covers the entire lower floor and in some parts of the apartment smoothly merges into the wall. Another example is a cleverly designed sliding panel in the children bedroom, which with one pull turns the furniture wall into a huge window offering a look into the investor’s territory. The imaginary thread which runs throughout the whole interior and unites it in a compact masterpiece is brushed veneer.
The apartment is full of beautiful and exquisite details observable at first sight, and an abundance of various materials and colors is present throughout. Nevertheless, we have a feeling that the interior makes pleasing and cozy impression, which was our aim from the beginning.