To find, in Prague, a really interesting land for the construction of a new residential building equals to a small miracle. The person who is determined to take this step should arm himself with infinite patience.

The investor of the villa, on the contrary, wanted to get a house with history and sensitively adjust it to his image. He waited for the right purchase for several years. The original two-storey building in Prague Kobylisy, with landscaped gardens and tall trees, was in a good shape, but its size hardly satisfied the needs of family of four. Not to mention the long-time dream of the new owner: his own spacious office far from everyday operation of the household. We decided, together with the investors, to maintain the basic proportions of the house, and, instead of its further expansion into the garden, replace the roof by residential floor and terrace with stunning views of Prague. The overall impression of the interior bears a peaceful spirit, although it is very sophisticated, full of different bookcases and shelves exhibiting art objects, rare books and, last but not least, also „artifacts“ that the owners have brought back from trips around the world. In the garden, we have kept most of the greenery, and we added high planting grasses that line the newly designed terrace. The icing on the cake will be an orangery in the upper corner of the garden, where it will be possible to admire the whole work with a cigar in hand.